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Property Investments

In order to maximise returns, you need the right advice from day one. We offer the a full service in terms of property investment which can broadly be summarised as follows:

  • Initial client briefing - to assess your investment requirements
  • Identification of either locally or nationally suitable opportunities, leading to subsequent introduction
  • Pre-purchase advice including an assessment of value and report on condition.
  • Pre-purchase negotiations - liaising with client's legal team on lease/titles etc and submission of offer
  • Following purchase, advice on investment strategy to maximise income returns and capital values, ongoing portfolio asset management/provision of management services through our asset management team
  • Disposal advice - when to sell, when not to!
  • How to achieve maximum value through a structured and targeted marketing campaign
All material on this website is provided for information only, and is not intended to form part of any offer or contract. Our policies and practices may
change at any time without notice. Details of properties are provided from information received, and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
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